Delta Science Readers

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Grades K–6

Delta Science Readers are 16-page nonfiction books for K–6 students with informative, engaging text, full-color photos and illustrations. These readers include standard nonfiction features such as tables of contents, headings, captions, labels, diagrams, maps, and glossaries. They provide a powerful experience in science and reading.

Key features and benefits:

  • Promote reading in the content area
  • Present key science content and vocabulary found on state tests
  • Help students develop informational literacy skills
  • Leveled for Guided Reading

All readers have three main sections that develop reading comprehension skills:

  1. Think About—key information about the unit topic
  2. People in Science—historical biographies, careers in science
  3. Did You Know? — high-interest articles or selections
 Delta Science Readers
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Activities help students practice four key reading areas: comprehension, grammar, writing, and vocabulary using the content they're studying in their Delta Science Readers. This seamless integration helps children develop literacy skills and appreciate language's role in science, while reinforcing their science learning.

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New! Delta Science First Readers
Early science literacy for K-1
Grades K-1
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
About Me   Life   E
Animals   Life   C
Earth   Earth   E
How do we learn?   Physical   C
Matter   Physical   G
Plants   Life   C
Sky   Earth   G
Sorting   Physical   D
Weather   Earth   D
Where is it? Is it moving?   Physical   F
Weather and Sky   Earth    I
(Titles also available in Big Book format)
Grades K-2
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
Finding the Moon   Earth   H
From Seed to Plant   Life   H
Investigating Water   Physical   H
Observing an Aquarium   Life   H
Properties   Physical   I
Sunshine and Shadows   Earth   H
(Titles also available in Big Book format)
Grades 2-4
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
Butterflies and Moths   Life   M
Classroom Plants   Life   M
Force and Motion   Physical   M
Plant and Animal Populations   Life   M
Sink or Float?   Physical   N
Soil Science   Earth   N
States of Matter   Physical   M
Using Your Senses   Life   N
Weather Watching   Earth   O
Grades 3-5
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
Dinosaurs and Fossils   Life   P
Earth Movements   Earth   Q
Electrical Circuits   Physical   P
Food Chains and Webs   Life   Q
  Physical   P
Plant and Animal Life Cycles   Life   R
Solar System   Earth   R
Sound   Physical   P
Water Cycle   Earth   O
Weather Instruments   Earth   S
Grades 4-6
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
Color and Light   Physical   T
Electromagnetism   Physical   U
Erosion   Earth   R
Flight and Rocketry   Physical   U
Oceans   Earth   T
Pollution   Life   R
Rocks and Minerals   Earth   Q
Simple Machines   Physical   S
Weather Forecasting   Earth   U
You and Your Body   Life   U
Grades 6-8
Title Science Guided
Reading Level
Astronomy   Earth   V
DNA -- From Genes to Proteins   Life   X-Y
Earth Processes   Earth   W
Earth, Moon, and Sun   Earth   V
Electrical Connections   Physical   U-V
Matter and Change   Physical   X
Newton's Toy Box   Physical   Y
Plants in Our World   Life   W
Guided Reading Levels were assigned by Delta Education, LLC, based on the text characteristics from Fountas and Pinnell, Matching Books to Readers.
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