Disovery Channel School: All About Animals Videos

Grades 3 - 6   

Students will be fascinated as they discover how animals have adapted and evolved. From watching how animals survive in the wild, to discovering animal instincts, students will develop an understanding of the challenges animals face and why they exist. Titles include: Animals in the Wild; Animal Adaptations; and Animal Instincts. 25–55 minutes each.(3 videos, 1 of each title)

Animals in the Wild
See how a gift for adapting and surviving gives some creatures their edge. Snake Mistakes — Snakes aren't slimy, and they aren't hiding in your bushes waiting to bite you. Sharks and Whales — Learn why all in the watery underworld bow to these evolutionary wonder-fish. Cats and Dogs — Go on the prowl with dangerous felines and our loyal friend, the dog. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and Orangutans — See how these great apes display intelligence very near that of our own.

Animal Adaptations
Animal adaptations inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution. Help your elementary students understand how animals evolve to cope with their environment. Galapagos — Scientists dive 3,000 feet to find animals Darwin never saw. Emperors of Antarctica — See how emperor penguins stay alive and warm on the coldest continent.

Animal Instincts
Humpback whales swim 3,000 miles to mate. Polar bears can wander hundreds of miles and always find their way home. Chimpanzees use tools to gather food. How do they do it? Marine Migration — Summers off the coast of Alaska. Winters off the coast of Maui. Discover why the North Pacific humpback whale makes this annual odyssey. Hibernation and Homing — See how bears use their homing instinct to return from far-away journeys for food, and learn what happens during hibernation. Parenting Principles — Watch parents teach baby primates in Borneo's jungles how to groom, build nests, and find safe leaves to eat.

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