FOSS Measurement, 2nd Edition

Grades 3 - 4    

Measurement, the process of quantifying observations, is one of the cornerstones of science. Measurement compares nature—the unknown—to a standard unit—the known. Through such comparison, the organization of the world becomes more comprehensive. The FOSS Measurement module consists of four investigations, each designed to emphasize a particular type of metric measurement—length, mass, temperature, and volume.

FOSS expects students to:

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Measurement - Complete Module   WX742-5027 $799.00
Measurement - Refill Package   WX742-0687 $2.44
Measurement - Student Books (English, 8 pack)   WX542-2005 $55.00
Measurement - Student Books (Spanish, 8 pack)   WX542-0568 $52.95
Measurement - Science Notebook   WX1013834 $5.95
Measurement - Teacher Preparation DVD   WX041-0196 $69.00
Measurement - Teacher Conversion Kit   WX742-5050 $261.00
Measurement - Equipment Conversion Kit   WX742-7639 $3.50