Wood and Paper - California Edition ©2007

Grade K     Teacher Resource Included


The modern world is a wonderland of different materials for early-childhood students. Two of those materials are wood and the paper that is derived from it. Scores of different kinds of wood and paper fill students’ environment. In the Wood and Paper Module students are introduced to a wide variety of woods and papers in a systematic way. They observe the properties of these materials and discover what happens when they subject them to a number of tests and interactions with other materials. Students learn that wood and paper can be recycled to create new forms of paper or wood that have new properties. Finally, they use what they know about the properties of these marvelous materials as they change wood and paper into a variety of products. Throughout the module, students have many opportunities to make comparisons between different kinds of wood, different types of paper, and wood and paper. The concept of trees as natural resources is Introduced, and students become aware of the need to conserve and reuse natural resources.

FOSS California helps students meet standards because they:

Complete Modules for grades K–2 include materials and equipment for two classes of 32 students, a Teacher Guide, 32 Science Resources student books, 1 Science Resources Big Book, a FOSSWEB CA CD-ROM, and a safety poster.

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FOSS California: Wood and Paper - Complete Module   WX742-0003 $993.00
FOSS California: Wood and Paper - Science Resources Student Book (8-PK)   WX542-0079 $57.00
FOSS California: Wood and Paper - Science Resources Big Book   WX542-0059 $39.00
FOSS California: Wood and Paper - Refill Package   WX742-0026 $114.00
FOSS California: Wood and Paper - Teacher Preparation DVD   WX1012873 $69.00
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