High-Quality, Genuine Parts for FOSS and Delta Science Modules!

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Authentic materials designed for the small hands and big minds of your students!

Delta Education is the only place to shop for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components that were hand-selected by the developers of FOSS and Delta Science Modules.

Keeping your kits in like-new condition with endorsed materials will help you make the most of your time teaching science, and maximize student learning.

Our components match the ones that came with your kits when they rolled off the assembly line. This is your assurance of premium, grade-level appropriate materials that deliver consistent scientific results. Parts from other sources are neither approved for—nor tested with—FOSS or Delta Science Modules.

Delta Education offers three convenient options for restocking your kits with bona fide materials that are optimal for FOSS and DSM:

Complete Refill Kits

Complete REFILL KITS are convenient packages of all the consumable materials contained in the original kits. If you're shopping for consumables, this is a terrific option!

Individual Items

INDIVIDUAL ITEMS—from replacement parts to books to live organisms—are also available from our comprehensive inventory on a line-by-line basis. This is an excellent way to replace those "onesie-twosie" pieces of equipment that get lost, damaged or used up during the course of a school year.

Delta Science Resource Service

DELTA SCIENCE RESOURCE SERVICE is our premium option for keeping your science kits fully stocked and in like-new condition. A trouble-free, time-saving system for managing your equipment, we provide the following: needs assessment, scheduling, pickup, refurbishment, and delivery of teacher-ready kits. Click here or call 800-338-5270 to learn more.

When you order OEM parts from Delta Education, you receive Quality, Guaranteed Functionality and an excellent Value!

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