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FOSS Next Generation Edition Scope and Sequence

Grade Physical Science Earth Science Life Science
5 Mixtures and Solutions

Chemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes or transformations that take place within those structures. The Mixtures and Solutions module introduces students to the properties and behaviors of substances and changes in substances—fundamental ideas in chemistry. Students also develop models to explain how something works.

Earth and Sun

The Earth and Sun Module focuses on Earth and the Sun as a system. Students collect and analyze shadow data. They observe the changes in the Moon's appearance over time. Then students explore the properties of the atmosphere, energy transfer from the Sun to Earth, and the dynamics of weather and water cycling in Earth's atmosphere.

Living Systems

The Living Systems module takes a look at life at every level of organization—biosphere to individual organisms—to acknowledge that it is complex, involving multiple parts working together in systems to maintain the viability and vigor of the system. Understanding living systems—ecosystems, populations, and individual organisms—is a critically important perspective, leading toward an appreciation of the diversity and wonder of life on Earth.

4 Energy

Students explore the concepts of energy and change, waves, and energy transfer in the Energy module. Students experience electricity and magnetism as related effects and learn useful applications of electromagnetism in everyday life. They also consider energy transfer, force, and motion in different systems.

Soils, Rocks, and Landforms

Geology is the study of our planet's earth materials and natural resources. The Soils, Rocks, and Landforms module provides students with firsthand experiences with soils, rocks, and minerals, and modeling experiences to study changes to rocks and landforms at Earth's surface.


Through the study of different ecosystems, students build an understanding of the relationships between organisms and their environments. The Environments module focuses on the concepts that organisms need energy and matter to live and grow, and that living organisms depend on one another and on their environment for their survival and the survival of populations.

3 Motion and Matter

The Motion and Matter module provides students with physical science core ideas dealing with forces and interactions, matter and its interactions, and with engineering design.

Water and Climate

The Water and Climate module provides students with experiences to explore the properties of water, the water cycle and weather, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water as a natural resource. Students engage in science and engineering practices in the context of water, weather and climate.

Structures of Life

The Structures of Life module consists of four investigations dealing with the big ideas in life science—plants and animals are organisms and exhibit a variety of observable structures and behaviors, organisms have varied but predictable life cycles and reproduce their own kind, and individual organisms have variations in their traits that may provide an advantage in surviving in the environment.

2 Solids and Liquids

The Solids and Liquids module provides students with physical science core ideas dealing with matter and its interactions and engineering design. The experiences help students to develop an understanding about how materials are similar and different from one another and how the properties of materials relate to their use.

Pebbles, Sand and Silt

The Pebbles, Sand, and Silt module provides experiences with Earth science core ideas dealing with the observable structures and properties of earth materials (rocks, soil, and water), weathering and erosion of Earth's surface, natural sources of water, and how to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water on Earth.

Insects and Plants

The Insects and Plants module provides experiences with the life science core ideas dealing with structure and function of living things, growth and development of plants and animals, interactions of organisms with their environment, and biodiversity of organisms on land and in water.

1 Sound and Light

The Sound and Light Module provides students with experiences to develop an understanding of how to observe and manipulate sound and light. Students learn that sound comes from vibrating objects. They explore how to change sound volume and pitch, and develop simple models for how sound travels from the source to the receiver. With light, students also work with sources and receivers. They find out what happens when materials with different properties are placed in a beam of light, and explore how to create and change shadows and reflections.

Air and Weather

In the Air and Weather module, students turn their focus to the sky to make observations that will heighten their awareness, curiosity, and understanding of Earth's dynamic atmosphere and the observable patterns of objects in the sky. Students explore the natural world by using simple instruments to observe and monitor change.

Plants and Animals

The Plants and Animals module provides experiences that heighten students' awareness of the way that plants and animals meet their basic needs. They observe structures of plants and discover ways to propagate new plants from mature plants (from seeds, bulbs, roots, and stem cuttings). Students design terrariums and provide for the needs of both plants and animals living together in the classroom.

K Materials and Motion

The Materials and Motion module provides experiences that heighten students' awareness, curiosity, and understanding of the physical world as they observe and compare the properties of a variety of kinds of wood, paper, and fabric by performing a number of tests and interactions.

Trees and Weather

The Trees and Weather module provides systematic investigations of trees and leaves over the seasons to bring students to a better understanding of trees' place at school and in the community. Students will observe day-to-day changes in weather over the year, as well as the impact weather has on living things.

Animals Two by Two

Animals Two by Two provides young students with close and personal interaction with some common land and water animals. Students observe differences in structure and behavior and learn about basic needs of animals.

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