Enhanced Teacher Components

A set of materials has been designed especially to meet the needs of New York City teachers in implementing the Kit Options of the Science Initiative. Each FOSS module is accompanied by these materials, which comprise four elements:

Benchmark Assessment Package

Benchmark assessments occur before instruction begins, after each investigation, and after instruction is completed. Benchmark assessment serve two purposes. They provide teachers with information about student achievement and diagnostic information. They also give students the opportunity to reflect on their own learning. The New York City Benchmark Assessment Package includes:

FOSS at Home Supplement

This folio explains opportunities FOSS presents for parents and families to participate in the hands-on science experience at home.

Consumable Student Notebooks

Student notebooks provide a written record of data, learning, and progress and give students the opportunity to write and reflect on their learning. Other uses for this record include assessment, reporting home to parents, and for students to see their own progress over time.

Consumable Student Notebooks are available in English and Spanish

Science Notebook Supplement

The Notebooking folio provides instructions and strategies to help the teacher implement and make optimal use of science notebooks.


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