Equipment Kits

Equipment Kits

Active learning requires materials.

FOSS kits are lasting resources with durable materials packaged for multiple classes of 32 student each. FOSS kits include unique materials designed specifically for FOSS, as well as other items carefully selected and tested for the investigations. The kit also contains class resource materials usch as posters and videos. Each course is designed fo rone teacher working with five sections of students per day. Everything you need is included with the exception of live organisms, food, and some commone classroom items.

Materials Replenishment

Delta Education is the only place to shop for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components that were hand-selected by the developers of FOSS and Delta Science Modules. Keeping your kits in like-new condition with endorsed materials will help you make the most of your time teaching science, and maximize student learning.

Living Organisms

Live organisms are required, but not included, for both the Diversity of Life course and the Populations and Ecosystems course. The organisms can be purchased separately via coupon cards. Please allow up to four weeks processing time for redemption of these cards.