Research shows that the best way to learn science is by doing science, and the FOSS developers at the Lawrence Hall of Science have spent more than 25 years working in classrooms learning how to best support teachers as they facilitate doing exactly that. We invite you to build on this experience by joining the thousands of successful FOSS teachers across the country.

FOSS Next Generation puts the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into practice by integrating all three dimensions: the Disciplinary Core Ideas, the Science and Engineering Practices, and the Crosscutting Concepts, all within our classroom-proven tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed world.

FOSS Next Generation:

  • Engages all students with meaningful active learning experiences
  • Prepares all students to succeed with the NGSS performance expectations
  • Integrates robust reading and literacy strategies to support the Common Core ELA for all students
  • Utilizes technology to deliver learning experiences and provide teachers with time-saving classroom management resources

Recommended K-8 Scope and Sequence

Research shows that an instructional model that delivers fewer science concepts in greater depth produces much better learning than one in which many topics are briefly visited. FOSS Next Generation is designed to help your students, over years, develop more sophisticated ways to think about the core ideas of science. Modules are truly connected and build upon one another within and across each strand, progressively moving students toward the big ideas of science.

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Grade Integrated Middle Grades STEM
8 Heredity and Adaptation* Electromagnetic Force* Gravity and Kinetic Energy* Waves* Planetary Science   Variables and Design
7 Chemical Interactions Earth History Populations and Ecosystems
6 Weather and Water Diversity of Life Human Systems Interactions*

*Half-length course

Grade Physical Science Earth Science Life Science STEM
5 Mixtures and Solutions Earth and Sun Living Systems   Physics of Sound*
4 Energy Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Environments
3 Motion and Matter Water and Climate Structures of Life
2 Solids and Liquids Pebbles, Sand and Silt Insects and Plants Balance and Motion*
1 Sound and Light Air and Weather Plants and Animals
K Materials and Motion Trees and Weather Animals Two by Two

*Coming soon

*Half-length course
² Second Edition currently available. Contact your Sales Manager for availability of the Next Generation edition of this title.
³ New title for the Next Generation edition. Contact your Sales Manager for availability.