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FOSS®: The science curriculum that puts students first.

Every student deserves the benefits of science education—not just exposure to scientific phenomena, but the opportunity to understand and explain them. FOSS is the K–8 science program proven to afford that opportunity to all, regardless of background, culture, language, or ability. In FOSS, students don't just read about scientific concepts. They actively investigate them, taking on the roles of scientists and engineers. See what develops when students step away from their screens and start exploring scientific phenomena firsthand. Try FOSS with your own students and teachers, free.

The most awarded, most adopted science education program.

Classroom-proven, research-based FOSS has amassed a legacy of successful implementation unrivaled by any other elementary and middle school science curriculum.

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  • FOSS has brought active-science learning to more classrooms than any other program.
  • FOSS has been taught by over 100,000 teachers, learned by more than 2 million students, and implemented in schools across all 50 states.
  • FOSS has provided more professional learning to educators than any other science program.
  • FOSS is today's proven leader in K–8 science education.
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FOSS doesn't just meet the standards, it embodies them.

Today, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) call for students to not just remember answers to questions, but to ask the questions, analyze and interpret data, and solve problems. For three decades, the FOSS Development Team at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science has built FOSS® around these goals. FOSS provides engaging firsthand experiences that focus on three-dimensional learning dimensional learning and build in a sequence that delivers on NGSS performance expectations.

FOSS raises standardized test scores.

Before FOSS, 4th and 5th graders in Hampton City, VA scored just 63% on standardized tests, far below the state average of 80%. But after adoption of FOSS, their scores (gold bars) completely closed the gap with state norms (blue line) in just 3 years.

Test scores in Hampton City, Virginia

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FOSS wins in a head-to-head pilot.

FOSS® Next Generation was put to the test in a competitive pilot program by 63 teachers in 15 schools. Across general, gifted, dual language, and special education, FOSS proved its superiority in every way that matters most:

  • Students preferred FOSS for its more engaging, less repetitive curriculum
  • FOSS was best for English Language Learners and diverse student populations
  • Over 80% of teachers chose FOSS for large-scale implementation

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Head-to-head testing: 2016-17 pilot of grades K-5 in Bellevue, WA school district

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Sample FOSS for free in your classroom and see the difference.

When students take scientific investigation into their own hands with FOSS, they're captivated. When you evaluate FOSS in your own classrooms, you'll be impressed. Use the form below to contact your FOSS Representative now. Whatever phase of the selection process you're in, we'll customize one of these three free offers to fit your needs.

    Get better acquainted with FOSS through a free assortment of student and teacher resources, both print and digital.
    We'll provide the FOSS materials to teach one full investigation, so you can see for yourself how well your students respond to FOSS.
    If you've reached the final stages of consideration, we'll provide all the teaching materials, supplies, and support to qualifying districts for a full 9 or 18 week pilot of FOSS.