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FOSS Next Generation

Modules that engage students and teachers in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed world.
FOSS Next Generation Air and Weather

Air and Weather

In the Air and Weather Module, students turn their focus to the sky to make observations that will heighten their awareness, curiosity, and understanding of Earth's dynamic atmosphere and the observable patterns of objects in the sky.

FOSS Next Generation Animals Two by Two

Animals Two by Two

Animals Two by Two provides young students with close and personal interaction with some common land and water animals.

FOSS Next Generation Chemical Interactions

Chemical Interactions

A diverse mix of empirical experiences and theoretical models helps students construct a solid basic understanding of the composition of their world and the interactions that maintain and transform it.

FOSS Next Generation Diversity of Life

Diversity of Life

The 12-week Diversity of Life Course introduces students to the big picture of life on Earth.

FOSS Next Generation Earth and Sun

Earth and Sun

The Earth and Sun Module focuses on Earth and the Sun as a system. Students collect and analyze shadow data.

FOSS Next Generation Earth History

Earth History

In the Earth History Course, students read evidence from rock, landforms, and fossils to tell the geological story of a place.

FOSS Next Generation Electromagnetic Force

Electromagnetic Force

Electricity and magnetism are some of the most fascinating physics phenomena to study in a middle school classroom. In the six-week FOSS Electromagnetic Force Course, students will measure the force of invisible magnetic fields, learn to build a circuit, design an electromagnet, and explain the energy transfers that make it all possible.

FOSS Next Generation Environments


Through the study of different ecosystems, students build an understanding of the relationships between organisms and their environments.

FOSS Next Generation Forces in Action

Forces in Action

We live in a dynamic world where everything is in motion, or so it seems. Students experience the global phenomena of motion all around them.

FOSS Next Generation Gravity and Kinetic Energy

Gravity and Kinetic Energy

Explore speed, acceleration, gravity, and collision physics.

FOSS Next Generation Heredity and Adaptation

Heredity and Adaptation

In the Heredity and Adaptation Course, students explore the evidence, including the fossil record, the similarities between past and present organisms, the genetic principles of inheritance, and how natural selection produces adaptations that lead to changes in species and eventually the creation of new species.

FOSS Next Generation Human Systems Interactions

Human Systems Interactions

In the Human Systems Interactions Course, students tackle big questions about body systems and the environmental factors that affect them. What happen when the body is attacked by an invader or an organ system malfunctions? How do cells get the resources they need to live? How do cells gain access to the energy stored in energy-rich compounds? How do systems support the human organism as it senses and interacts with the environment?

FOSS Next Generation Insects and Plants

Insects and Plants

Explore life science core ideas dealing with structure and function of living things, growth and development of plants and animals, interactions of organisms with their environment, and biodiversity of organisms on land and in water.

FOSS Next Generation Living Systems

Living Systems

Take a look at life at every level of organization, biosphere to individual organisms, to acknowledge that it is complex, involving multiple parts working together in systems to maintain the viability and vigor of the system.

FOSS Next Generation Materials and Motion

Materials and Motion

Provide experiences that heighten students' awareness, curiosity, and understanding of the physical world as they observe and compare the properties of kinds of wood, paper, and fabric by performing a number of tests and interactions.

FOSS Next Generation Mixtures and Solutions

Mixtures and Solutions

Mixtures and Solutions introduces students to the properties and behaviors of substances and changes in substances—fundamental ideas in chemistry.

FOSS Next Generation Motion and Matter

Motion and Matter

Motion and Matter provides grade 3 students with physical sciences core ideas dealing with forces and interactions, matter and its interactions, and with engineering design.

FOSS Next Generation Observing Nature

Observing Nature

Systematic investigation of trees and their leaves, the animals that make their home in leaf litter, the soil and rocks around the roots, and the wood that comes from trees will bring students to a better understanding of the place of trees at school and in the community.

FOSS Next Generation Pebbles, Sand, and Silt

Pebbles, Sand, and Silt

Investigate the observable structures and properties of earth materials, weathering and erosion of Earth's surface, natural sources of water, and how to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water on Earth.

FOSS Next Generation Planetary Science

Planetary Science

Develop a historical sense of humankind's exploration of the cosmos and delve into the modern questions surrounding space exploration.

FOSS Next Generation Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

Students observe structures of plants and discover ways to propagate new plants from mature plants. Design terrariums and provide for the needs of both plants and animals living together in the classroom.

FOSS Next Generation Populations and Ecosystems

Populations and Ecosystems

Learn that every organism has a role to play in its ecosystem, understand how ecosystems work, what they need to remain healthy, and explore how changes to one part of the ecosystem affect others.

FOSS Next Generation Soils, Rocks, and Landforms

Soils, Rocks, and Landforms

The Soils, Rocks, and Landforms Module provides students with firsthand experiences with soils, rocks, and minerals, and modeling experiences to study changes to rocks and landforms at Earth's surface.

FOSS Next Generation Solids and Liquids

Solids and Liquids

The Solids and Liquids Module provides students with physical science core ideas dealing with matter and its interactions and engineering design.

FOSS Next Generation Sound and Light

Sound and Light

The Sound and Light Module provides students with experiences to develop an understanding of how to observe and manipulate sound and light.

FOSS Next Generation Sound Design

Sound Design

Students investigate sound sources to find how energy is transferred to them, to cause vibrations, how the vibrations that result produce sound, and how those vibrations are detected by sound receivers.

FOSS Next Generation Structures of Life

Structures of Life

The Structures of Life Module consists of investigations dealing with the big ideas in life science.

FOSS Next Generation Trees and Weather

Trees and Weather

The Trees and Weather Module provides systematic investigations of trees and leaves over the seasons to bring students to a better understanding of trees' place at school and in the community.

FOSS Next Generation Variables and Design

Variables and Design

In the FOSS Variables and Design Course, students explore the practices of scientists and engineers by stepping into the roles of each.

FOSS Next Generation Water and Climate

Water and Climate

Water and Climate provides students with experiences to explore the properties of water, the water cycle and weather, and how humans use water as a natural resource.

FOSS Next Generation Waves


The Waves Course proceeds from the most concrete observations, those of physical properties of mechanical waves, to the most abstract concepts, by which students develop a model of electromagnetic waves.

FOSS Next Generation Weather and Seasons

Weather and Seasons

Students engage with the phenomenon of the air that surrounds us and the earth materials that cover the planet’s surface.

FOSS Next Generation Weather and Water

Weather and Water

The Weather and Water Course focuses on Earth's atmosphere, weather, and water.