Delta Science Informational Texts

Student laying on floor and reading

Delta Science has several engaging lines of Readers that facilitate student growth as they grapple with increasing complexity of texts. While learning about science, your students will meet Common Core State Standards and master the text features of headers, captions, illustrations, charts, and academic vocabulary.

Our informational texts require your students to:

  • Read for evidence
  • Dig deep in the text for meaning
  • Activate a range of critical thinking skills, such as inquiring, questioning, investigating, noting, analyzing, and proving

Prepare students from their earliest years for success in college, the workplace, and perhaps as future scientists!

Delta Science Readers
  • 16 page nonfiction books for K-6
  • Promote reading in content area
  • Present content and vocabulary found on state tests
  • Leveled for guided reading
Delta Science Content Readers
  • 24 page nonfiction books in two versions: one for grades 3-4, one for grades 4-5
  • Both editions feature same content, vocabulary, and literacy support features
  • Allows teachers to assign books based on their students' reading level
Delta Science First Readers
  • Easy to use nonfiction science books for grades K-1
  • Introduce basic science and reading strategies
  • Rich, color photographs and developmentally appropriate text