Products by Guided Reading Level

Delta Education assigns a Guided Reading Level to each of its Reader products. An early alphabet grade, such as C for How Do We Learn? indicates a lower reading level intended for younger students; a later alphabet grade, such as T for Color and Light, indicates a more advance reading level.

KEY: Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
Guided Reading Level* Lexile Level Category Title
C 120 LIFE Plants
C 260 LIFE Animals
C BR PHYSICAL How Do We Learn?
D 50 EARTH Weather
D 100 PHYSICAL Sorting
E 10 LIFE About Me
E 140 EARTH Earth
F 140 PHYSICAL Where is it? Is it Moving?
G 200 EARTH Sky
G 260 PHYSICAL Matter
H 100 PHYSICAL Investigating Water
H 110 EARTH Sunshine and Shadows
H 250 LIFE From Seed to Plant
H 260 LIFE Observing an Aquarium
H 300 EARTH Finding The Moon
I 260 EARTH Weather and Sky
I 270 PHYSICAL Properties
M 500 LIFE Classroom Plants
M 510 LIFE Butterflies and Moths
M 520 LIFE Plant and Animal Populations
M 540 PHYSICAL States of Matter
M 650 PHYSICAL Force and Motion
N 440 LIFE Using Your Senses
N 470 PHYSICAL Sink or Float?
N 610 EARTH Soil Science
N 660 LIFE Plant Needs, Red edition
N 670 EARTH Earth Moon and Sun, Red edition
N 730 LIFE Changes in Ecosystems, Red edition
O 530 EARTH Weather Watching
O 610 EARTH Air and Water, Red edition
O 650 LIFE Plant Life Cycles, Red edition
O 660 EARTH Inside Earth, Red edition
O 670 LIFE Animal Needs and Life Cycles, Red edition
O 670 PHYSICAL Sound Energy, Red edition
O 680 EARTH Water Cycle
O 680 EARTH Our Solar System, Red edition
O 680 LIFE Ecosystems, Red edition
O 700 EARTH Weathering and Erosion, Red edition
O 700 EARTH Minerals, Rocks and Fossils, Red edition
O 710 PHYSICAL Forces and Motion, Red edition
O 740 PHYSICAL Electricity and Magnetism, Red edition
P 630 PHYSICAL Changes in Matter, Red edition
P 650 LIFE Dinosaurs and Fossils
P 650 LIFE Cells and Classification, Red edition
P 660 EARTH Soils, Red edition
P 660 PHYSICAL Properties of Matter, Red edition
P 690 PHYSICAL Work and Machines, Red edition
P 700 EARTH Weather and Climate, Red edition
P 700 LIFE Heredity, Red edition
P 700 PHYSICAL Heat and Light Energy, Red edition
P 710 LIFE Human Body Systems, Red edition
P 710 PHYSICAL Sound
P 710 PHYSICAL Energy, Red edition
P 720 PHYSICAL Magnets
P 730 PHYSICAL Electrical Circuits
Q 600 LIFE Food Chains and Webs
Q 740 EARTH Earth Movements
Q 830 EARTH Rocks and Minerals
Q 970 LIFE Changes in Ecosystems, Purple edition
R 670 LIFE Plant and Animal Life Cycles
R 790 EARTH Solar System
R 840 EARTH Erosion
R 860 LIFE Pollution
R 910 LIFE Ecosystems, Purple edition
R 920 PHYSICAL Work and Machines, Purple edition
R 930 LIFE Plant Needs, Purple edition
R 940 PHYSICAL Electricity and Magnetism, Purple edition
R 960 EARTH Earth Moon and Sun, Purple edition
S 680 EARTH Weather Instruments
S 860 PHYSICAL Simple Machines
S 910 PHYSICAL Energy, Purple edition
S 920 PHYSICAL Changes in Matter, Purple edition
S 930 LIFE Human Body Systems, Purple edition
S 930 PHYSICAL Properties of Matter, Purple edition
S 940 PHYSICAL Heat and Light Energy, Purple edition
S 950 PHYSICAL Forces and Motion, Purple edition
S 960 LIFE Cells and Classification, Purple edition
S 960 LIFE Animal Needs Life Cycle, Purple edition
S 960 PHYSICAL Sound Energy, Purple edition
S 970 LIFE Plant Life Cycles, Purple edition
S 970 LIFE Heredity, Purple edition
S 980 EARTH Our Solar System and Beyond, Purple edition
S 980 EARTH Air and Water, Purple edition
S 990 EARTH Inside Earth, Purple edition
S 1000 EARTH Minerals, Rocks and Fossils, Purple edition
S 1000 EARTH Weather and Climate, Purple edition
S 1010 EARTH Weathering and Erosion, Purple edition
S 1020 EARTH Soils, Purple edition
T 840 EARTH Oceans
T 850 PHYSICAL Color and Light
U 810 LIFE You and Your Body
U 820 EARTH Weather Forecasting
U 850 PHYSICAL Flight and Rocketry
U 890 PHYSICAL Electromagnetism
U-V 970 PHYSICAL Electrical Connections
V 960 EARTH Astronomy
V 1020 EARTH Earth, Moon, and Sun
W 940 LIFE Plants in Our World
W 960 EARTH Earth Processes
X 960 PHYSICAL Matter and Change
X-Y 970 LIFE DNA—From Genes to Proteins
Y 960 PHYSICAL Newton's Toy Box