Math in a Nutshell

Out-of-the-box Active Learning Experiences

Sharpen, review, and reinforce important math concepts with Math in a Nutshell. Students practice critical math skills with standards-based activities and games. Designed for student-directed, small-group learning, Nutshells engage students in fun, stimulating activities that encourage cooperation and collaboration.

Your students will:

  • Increase their confidence and proficiency in number sense, basic operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, and problem-solving
  • Prepare for standardized testing through practice with math problems and manipulatives
  • Develop critical 21st Century Skills with opportunities to think “out-of-the-box”

Nutshells are perfect for:

  • Makerspaces
  • After school programs
  • Summer school
  • Classroom science centers
  • Homeschool Lessons
  • Science club
  • Teacher demonstrations
  • Independent study
Photo of nutshell kit

What’s in a Nutshell?

  • 32+ page Student Activity Guide with reproducible pages and performance assessment
  • 24-page Teacher’s Guide with students answers and extensions
  • 7 game-based activities
  • Engaging and durable materials for up to 4 students
  • Unique manipulatives

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Cover and page from Teacher's Guide

Teacher’s Guide includes

  • Prerequisite skills
  • Math concepts and skills being practices
  • Materials list
  • Reduced Student Activity Guide pages
  • Teaching suggestions
  • Game variations
  • Discussion points
Cover and page from Student Activity Guide

Student Activity Guide includes

  • Materials list
  • Review and practice of math skills and concepts
  • Game objectives and directions
  • Game variation
  • Student challenge question
  • Extension question
  • Performance assessment